Choosing Senior Home Care That Matches Your Dad’s Needs

Your dad’s always planned to stay in his current home. You’re worried about it though as you’re not close by. How can you support your dad’s goal of aging at home when he’s not close by?

Senior home care caregivers can help your dad with his daily activities. Explore the services that are going to help him stay active, independent, and secure while living alone.

Is Your Dad Taking Care Of Himself?

Start by asking yourself these questions as you think about your dad’s daily routine:

  • Can your dad shower on his own or is he unsteady on his feet?
  • If he has fallen, have you added grab bars and a shower seat to help him?
  • Would it be better to have senior home care provider at his home while he showers?
  • Does your dad get dressed in clothing that matches the weather?
  • If he goes for a walk, does he put on winter boots in the snow or does he prefer the loafers that don’t require him to tie laces?
  • Can he brush and floss his teeth or is arthritis making that difficult?
  • Is he keeping up with housework, laundry, and errands?
  • Does he remember to take his pills each day? If he is running low, does he order refills in time?
  • Is your dad stocked with the household supplies he needs?
  • Does he have enough toilet paper, tissues, cleaning supplies, and trash bags?
  • Does he have all of the groceries he needs to eat meals and snacks all week?

Build a List

As you ask him those questions, start building a list of the things he wishes he had help completing. If he finds it hard to change his sheets and make his bed without someone else there, senior home care is beneficial.

If he has a hard time doing the laundry because he’s nervous walking down the basement stairs, a caregiver needs to start doing the laundry for him. He might not be able to drive due to vision changes, so hire a caregiver to bring him shopping and take him to his doctor’s appointments.

As you come up with a list of the things your dad cannot do on his own, talk to family members who spend time with him. Do they help with any of these tasks? Are they happy helping him out each week? If someone is unable to visit, would he have to do without and is that okay?

Anywhere there are gaps in care or he would be at risk of going without items like food, transportation, or medication reminders, you need to arrange to have senior home care helping out.

Senior home care helps your dad maintain his independence as he ages at home. It’s time to talk to a senior home care advisor and arrange caregiver visits. The sooner you make the call, the easier it is for your dad to adjust to having others helping.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Senior Home Care in Holmdel Township, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Lares Home Care 888-492-3538 or 732-566-1112.

Roy Kleinert