Transitional Care

Hospital to Home – Transitional Care Assistance

When a senior is discharged from the hospital setting or a rehab setting, we can help with all those organizational and safety issues that typically come up once the senior is home.

Lares Home Care has helped hundreds of clients make the move to home. We focus on the following, to help with a smooth transition.

  1. Discharge Planning - We work with hospital staff to make sure everything is ready at home. We follow and understand discharge instructions given to the patient and family at time of discharge.
  2. Continuity of Care - At Lares Home Care, we provide the same caregiver each day, as often as possible, to help with continuity of care once your aging loved-one is home.
  3. Caregivers Trained by Rehab Staff - If there are certain exercises, movements or practice with walking type activities that should be completed each day, our caregivers will make sure that those recommendations are followed once the senior is comfortably at home.
  4. Medication Reminders - Is the senior taking new medications? We can help with reminders, run errands, and pick up needed items.
  5. Assistance with meals, light housekeeping, laundry- - especially the first 24 hours after discharge. If a person has been in bed for much of his/her stay, muscles may be weak, and it may take some time to get up full strength.  Hospitals often initiate some therapy during the stay and encourage moving about as soon as possible, but one is still far from being in top shape when arriving home. Older patients are especially vulnerable; with studies indicating more than half of those over age 85 need help with daily activities after leaving the hospital.
  6. Preventing Falls - Our staff is well versed in helping with mobility and household chores, so that your aging loved-one can remain safe.
  7. Transportation to Appointments - We help our clients get to appointments following discharge. This could mean follow-up MD visits, or a hair appointment, or just getting out to see friends.
Transitional Care in Matawan, New Jersey

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