Personal Care Services

Senior home care designed for those that need a little extra help with the activities of daily living, we offer quality, one-on-one care that includes companionship as well as:

Bathing and Showering

Showering and bathing can be difficult as we age but Lares Home Care is there to assist. When we perform our original assessment the nurse will develop a bathing plan that works for you or your loved one. Complete showering and bathing on a daily basis may not be necessary, but we recommend washing face, hands, groin, and underarms daily. A good routine can make seniors feel better about themselves and personally relaxed.

An inspection of the bathroom is also part of the initial assessment which will point out safety items that need to be addressed like the need for a shower chair, grab bars, hand held shower head, and non-slip rugs.

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Bathing and showering in Matawan, New Jersey
Dressing in Matawan, New Jersey


As we age, many seniors find themselves challenged when doing simple tasks like dressing. Independent dressing can be difficult for someone that has mobility issues due to arthritis, a debilitating condition or just natural aging. As we age our range of motion decreases so putting on pants or buttoning a shirt can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Encouraging independence with the assistance of a certified home health aide can make these tasks easier. We at Lares are here to help with our compassionate, caring and trusting home health aides.

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Taking time to groom helps a person with self-respect and a sense of independence. As we age, this can become more challenging or even impossible without the assistance of a loved one or a caregiver. Assistance with grooming is an important task that allows individuals to live independently without losing dignity and grace.

Here are some helpful hints:

  • If unable to go to the barber or beauty shop, see if you can get someone to come to the house to trim hair.
  • Washing hair in the sink may be easier than washing in shower and bathtub.
  • Keep hair style that is low maintenance.
  • Using an electric razor may be simpler to use than a metal razor.
  • Trim nails twice a month or see a podiatrist for bunions, corns or cracked skin. Also, see a podiatrist if you require medical attention when cutting nails.
  • Use Dry Shampoo products if you are unable to wash hair.
Grooming in Matawan, New Jersey

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Feeding in Matawan, New Jersey

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Assistance with Meals

Meal Assistance With Our Home Health Aides

Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining proper health levels. This fact is even more important for our local elderly residents. Decreases of mobility and physical health can equate to having less drive or ability to ingest proper nutrition. A major problem that many seniors face is eating while not having the luxury of an appetite. Additionally, physical limitations can have major impacts in the eating department. If your loved one has ceased to eat regularly, it is recommended to consult a doctor for help. Once medical problems have been disproven, you are left to struggle with providing the right home care for your loved one. There are many reasons why elderly residents can struggle with their appetites, including:

  • Dehydration
  • Inability to perform meal preparations
  • Physical difficulties
  • Loneliness
  • Loss of taste

While these problems can be frustrating, Lares Home Care can help! Our in-home support services include being able to assist with all parts of the eating process. Lares provides the best personal care services, including companionship and medication reminders. With our home health aides, your loved one will receive the support and companionship they need to thrive.

Toileting/Incontinence Care


At Lares Home Health Care, we offer home care services including help with toileting and incontinence care. Aging is not always dignified, yet it is possible to maintain dignity with help from quality home care services. Our caregivers offer personal care for using the restroom. Each person faces different challenges while aging and this includes having to use the facilities. It can make a big difference in comfort and peace of mind to have a skilled and compassionate caregiver helping out in times of need.

Contact Lares Home Care to schedule someone who can help with toileting and incontinence care for yourself or your loved one. Keep your dignity even through the most undignified situations.

Toileting/Incontinence Care in Matawan, New Jersey

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Brushing teeth in Matawan, New Jersey

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Oral Hygiene

Proper tooth maintenance is an important part of cultivating optimal health throughout most of our lives. More and more studies are being completed that prove the link between poor dental hygiene and a myriad of illnesses. From dry mouth to periodontal disease, elderly residents are at a higher risk of suffering from one of the many health problems they are it risk for. Because of these facts, proper dental care is necessary.

For many older Americans, medical issues can cause much difficulty when it comes to flossing and brushing. One common problem is loss of dexterity due to arthritis. Our home health aides are trained to provide a wide host of home health care services, from the brushing of teeth to picking up the house. Need help keeping track of dental appointments? We can assist with that too!

Light Housework

Light Housework & Non Medical Home Care


Living at home while aging has its advantages and disadvantages. One major advantage is being able to manage your own care, rather than having to be cared for by providers who are hired by someone else. Being in control of hiring through a home care agency is only one of the advantages. One of the disadvantages is knowing when it is time to hire help for light housework. Sometimes knowing when to ask for help or find a home care agency providing help with housework is hard to decide.

Maintaining a home with light housework takes time and energy to complete the work needed. Sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilets and washing dishes are all chores that are difficult to complete well when mobility and energy are limited. Lares Home Care agency provides non-medical home care for the elderly. We offer services that make living in a clean home possible, even when the cleaning can’t be done by the resident. Contact us and talk to our staff. We can help you make decisions about when to hire help for cleaning and other services provided for elderly home care.

Light housework in Matawan, New Jersey

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Changing linens in Matawan, New Jersey

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Changing Linens

Linen Changing For Our Patients

As we age, simple tasks such as cleaning and doing the laundry can become more of a challenge. Lares Homecare is dedicated to taking care of you or your loved one by providing the most personal residential care possible. Our home health aides are here to cover all of your loved one’s needs, no matter how seemingly small and unnecessary. One area that our in-home support services helps with is the changing of sheets and sleep fabrics. Clean linens are much more helpful in retaining health than many people might think!

While changing the linens in your loved one’s bed may seem like a trivial activity, Lares knows the hidden risks behind not doing so. We spend a third of our life in our bed, meaning that your sleeping space will tend to hold a lot of skin cells. We also secrete oil, saliva, and oils as we sleep, creating a perfect location for dust mites. While these little guys are relatively harmless, people with allergies can be at a higher risk for suffering fits. Pillows are also carriers of health issues such as mold. Patients who are sickly or recovering from an illness or surgery will need more intensive linen changing frequencies in order to minimize the chances of infection. Recuperation can be nearly impossible with soiled linens!

If you or a loved one are in need of home health care services, Lares Home Care can assist! Our trained staff excels in a comprehensive set of skills, from feeding to changing linens. No matter the cause or needs of your unique living situation, Lares is here to help!

Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation Services

Nutrition is especially important as we age. Due to the body’s continued loss of function, older adults are less able to absorb the nutrients they need from their meals, making every bite essential to maintaining their quality of life. However, many times aging adults lose the drive to make meals for just themselves, much less make nutritious meals that will enable them to feel healthy. That is why we offer delicious, healthy, meal preparation services to our local clients.


At Lares Home Care, we are passionate about all of our clients and their families. Because of this, we work diligently in order to provide helpful services that restore dignity, enhance independence, and give purpose to our aging population. It’s time for you or your loved one to feel enriched, enabled, and energetic again. Our home care services can help.

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Meal preparation in Matawan, New Jersey


We make meal planning, preparation, and eating exciting. By providing the assistance our clients need as well as the companionship they want, our meal preparation services allow our clients to feel at home and excited to eat. Because of this, we are able to encourage proper nutrition, tailored to each client’s specific dietary needs.

As with all of our home care services, our clients are matched with a caregiver who best suits their personality and their in-home care needs. This way, we know that each client has not only a caregiver suited to his/her needs, but a true companion and friend who will help make cooking and meal times something to look forward to.

We understand that not every client’s needs are the same, which is why we offer a variety of services. Whether you are looking for menu planning assistance or complete meal preparation, we are happy to help! Call us today to learn more.

Laundry in Matawan, New Jersey


While many of us take clean clothes for granted, many seniors do not have the mobility to achieve such things on their own. Clean clothes can be very beneficial when traveling in public, where looking well put-together can equate to big confidence gains. People who go into public with soiled, grimy clothes are more likely to receive colder responses from strangers. While this may affect people mentally and emotionally, it’s the hidden elements that can be more troublesome.

When we wear clothes, those fabrics tend to pick up a lot of dirt, grime, and sweat. Outside contaminants can also travel on our wardrobes. Elderly residents especially are prone to bouts of illness, many of which can be attributed to mold and bacteria. The best practice for eliminating these environmental hazards is to simply wash your clothes.

If you or a loved one need assistance in order to retain independent living, contact us at Lares Homecare today!


Laundry Services For Our Patients

For many New Jersey residents, the enjoyment of independent living cannot be denied. Elderly residents are often faced with tough choices. For those looking for senior home care, we can help! Lares Homecare was founded to provide solutions with independent living for local residents and beyond. Our team of personal care assistants utilizes the best training and technology to ensure that each and every one of our patients receives a tailored care program that enriches their lives as well as ours. Lares’ senior home care specialists provide a wide host of services, from tooth brushing to doing laundry. If you or a loved one struggles with doing laundry, our independent living aides can assist by doing every and all tasks required. This small task can be very helpful for anyone looking to retain their independence through retirement.

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Pet care in Matawan, New Jersey

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Pet Care

Pets provide unconditional love to their owners. At Lares Home Health Care, we recognize the importance of pets. Lares offers pet care service that makes sure that you or your loved one’s pet are also cared for on a daily basis. Pets are an important part of the family that deserves the same quality care that you or your loved one deserves. Our caregivers will ensure that you or your loved ones pet’s care needs are met.

Lares provides the following pet care services:

  • Taking your pet out for regular walks
  • Cleaning the cat litter box
  • Give food and water to your pet
  • Taking pet to Veterinarian for regular check-ups
  • Ensure that there is adequate pet supplies on hand
  • Brush and bath pet as needed
  • Provide pet companionship