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We are committed to enriching people’s lives by providing quality, compassionate, non-medical, home care services and we understand that every client and every situation is unique. In this way, we tailor all of our services to each client, working with you personally in order to determine what is best for your loved one. With caregiver options ranging from hourly help to live-in care, we work with you and your loved one’s needs in order to provide them with the care they need in a way that is affordable to you.

Our caregivers are all highly qualified, licensed and experienced, but we know that some people fit together better than others. Because of this, we take the time to understand the needs, lifestyle and personality of your loved ones so that they can be placed with a specific caregiver who will be a perfect match for them in every way. With daily updates from this caregiver through our personalized website and first-class support team, you will be able to quickly and easily see how your loved one is doing, every single day.

At Lares, we feel that compassion, trust and understanding are the founding principles for quality care. With a constant dedication to these fundamentals, our caregivers strive to connect personally with their clients so that they will always feel loved, cared for, and important. Learn more about our caregiving services, and contact us today to find out how our private home care may be the perfect fit for your loved one!

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At Lares, the client’s interest is always top priority when making everyday decisions. We are committed to enriching people’s lives by providing affordable, quality, nurturing, and compassionate, non-medical, in-home care.

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