Companion Care at Home in Hazlet, NJ: Hallucinations and Dementia
Companion Care at Home in Hazlet, NJ: Hallucinations and Dementia

People with dementia often struggle with hallucinations. These are a perception of something that isn’t really there. If your elderly loved one has hallucinations, they may see things or hear things that aren’t real. They may even be convinced that someone else is in their house when nobody but you is there. This can be scary for both of you. There are some tips for handling hallucinations in someone who has dementia. 

Don’t Argue  

Your elderly loved one doesn’t understand they are having hallucinations. In their mind, what they are seeing or hearing is real. People with dementia can’t understand that their mind is playing tricks on them. It is important you don’t argue with your elderly loved one when they are having a hallucination. Do not deny what they are saying. The best solution is to acknowledge what your elderly loved one is feeling. For example, if they feel someone is in their house, let them know you are taking care of it.  

Provide Comfort and a Calm Environment 

Your elderly loved one is likely very scared of what they are seeing or hearing. Remember, they don’t know the hallucinations aren’t real. Do your best to comfort your elderly loved one. For example, if your elderly loved one seems very upset about something they are seeing or hearing, you can say, “It’s okay. I am here with you.” By doing this, it can help to calm your elderly loved one. You should also make sure the environment is calm. If the television is on, turn it off or turn it down. The more relaxing you can make your loved one’s environment, the better they might feel. It may also help to have companion care at home services for your elderly loved one. The providers can offer companionship for your elderly loved one to make them feel more comfortable.  

Investigate Things Yourself 

Yes, your elderly loved one might be having hallucinations. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that is triggering the hallucinations. For example, some people who have dementia have hallucinations about a stranger being in their house. The reason for this hallucination could be a sound in your loved one’s house that makes them think someone is there. You might find that their furnace makes noises that sound like someone is knocking on the door. Sometimes, these issues can be fixed. You can ask the elder care providers if they notice anything like this, too.  


Hallucinations do happen in people who have dementia. If you can learn how to handle the hallucinations better, you can help to make things better for your elderly loved one. Don’t forget that getting companion care at home services for your elderly loved might help too. Having companions can help to make a person with dementia feel more comfortable in their home.  

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