Dietary Supplements and the Elderly: What Do You Need to Know?

Personal Care at Home Keyport, NJ: Dietary Supplements
Personal Care at Home Keyport, NJ: Dietary Supplements

Are you thinking about your elderly loved one’s dietary needs? Maybe, they haven’t been eating very well or their doctor said they have a vitamin deficiency. If this is the case, you may think about encouraging your elderly loved one to take dietary supplements. How do you know if this is right for them? Do you know how much they will need? You may have a lot of questions. There is some dietary supplement information that may help. In addition to this information, you should always talk to your elderly loved one’s doctor before they take anything.  

If you can’t get your loved one to the doctor, you can get personal care at home services. The home care providers can drive your loved one to the appointments.  

What are these supplements? 

Dietary supplements include many different products such as drink mixes, capsules, and pills. They are a combination of minerals and vitamins to help supplements the daily intake a person’s body needs to achieve the best health. Sometimes, people aren’t able to get these minerals and vitamins through the food they eat, so they may take supplements for the deficiencies they have.  

Who might need these supplements? 

There are many people who might need to take dietary supplements? Some of these people include those who: 

  • Aren’t getting the proper amount of minerals, vitamins, or nutrients 
  • Are struggling with certain health conditions that could be improved by getting more vitamins or minerals 
  • People who are more at risk of getting sick such as elderly people  

If it is decided that your elderly loved one needs dietary supplements and their doctor says it is okay, you or a home care provider can remind them to take the supplements.  

Who shouldn’t be taking these supplements? 

There are also some people who shouldn’t be taking dietary supplements. Some of these people include those who: 

  • Take regular over-the-counter or prescription medications (check with the doctor about supplements as there could be negative interactions) 
  • Had recent surgery or have surgery coming up soon (the supplements could lead to bleeding problems during the surgery) 

Does your elderly loved one fall into these categories? If they are already taking medications, make sure they talk to their doctor before taking any dietary supplements. If they have surgery recently or are scheduled to have surgery, remind them not to take any dietary supplements.  


Now you have a bit of information about dietary supplements and the elderly. As a family caregiver, you can now help your elderly loved one to find out whether they should be taking these supplements. If their doctor approves, you can get personal care at home services. The senior care providers can remind your loved one to take the supplements that were recommended or approved by their doctor.  

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