Caregiver Middletown, NJ: Care Goals
Caregiver Middletown, NJ: Care Goals

Do you have any idea what your mom’s care goals are? Does she want to live in her home for the rest of her life? If something happens to make that difficult, would she want to move? Or, would she want home care services? 
Delve into her thoughts on home care. Are there things she wouldn’t be comfortable having a stranger doing? She might be okay having caregivers to help her with personal care and grooming, but the thoughts of a caregiver helping her with banking makes her nervous. 
It’s okay for her to express the things she does and doesn’t want. As you get to know her wishes, you can develop a way to ensure her need for care is met while also making sure the care is provided on her terms. 
Topics to Consider 
It’s hard to predict when a health issue might occur or how much it will change daily routines. Your mom can be healthy and trip over a pet. In that fall, she breaks her arm. There are going to be things she cannot do on her own that require her to have caregivers to help out. 
Your mom may see her doctor for a yearly check-up and have a test turn up something concerning. She’s developing cataracts and needs to stop driving after dark. You and your mom must discuss transportation. 
She might go to the doctor and learn she has a chronic health condition like heart disease that requires her to take daily medications and see her doctor more often. She needs help arranging these appointments and trips to the appropriate medical offices. 
Even if her health is excellent, she may find it hard to do some tasks independently. Carrying her laundry basket into the basement worries her. She’d rather have someone do it for her, but you live in another state. Caregivers can help her. 
Use Her Answers and Draft Her Ideal Care Plan 
Take all of your mom’s answers to create a care plan. You’ll know what she’d want to happen if she fell and broke a bone. She’d gone over who she would wish to help her manage her finances and pay bills on time. You can draft a plan that meets her needs and wishes using all of that information. 
Now that you’ve developed a care plan talk to your mom about hiring caregivers. If she starts sooner rather than later, she can keep the hours of care to a minimum and get used to home care. As her needs increase, she’s already acquainted with her caregivers and won’t mind seeing them more often.

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