5 Things Visitors Should Do To Protect Seniors From The Flu This Holiday Season

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The flu, Covid-19, RSV, and other respiratory illnesses are raging this winter, and seniors who contract these illnesses can become extremely sick. If you have family and friends who are going to be visiting your senior parent during the holidays this year there are some precautions everyone should take. Protecting the health and safety of your senior parent should be at the top of everyone’s priority list.

Home care assistance can help make sure that seniors are as protected as possible from the flu and other illnesses. With home care assistance seniors will have help keeping the house clean, disinfecting door handles and other surfaces, and taking their medications on time. But, you should still make sure that any friends or family members who are visiting do these five things to minimize risk to your senior parent:

Get Vaccinated

Anyone who comes to visit your senior parent at home should have vaccinations for the flu, Covid-19, and RSV. Getting vaccinated is the best way for friends and family to protect themselves, and to protect your senior parent. Encourage anyone that will be coming to your senior parent’s home to get vaccinated before they visit. 

Wash Their Hands

Washing hands is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stop the transmission of the flu. Ask all visitors to go into the kitchen or bathroom upon arrival to wash their hands. Make sure there are soap and paper towels in the bathroom so that everyone can wash up before hugging or shaking hands with your senior parent. You may also want to put out an antibacterial mouthwash and some disposal cups for guests to use as well.  

Stay Home if Sick

Ask any friends or relatives that are sick to stay home. It’s disappointing to not get to visit with friends and family during the holiday, but a visit isn’t worth the risk of your senior parent getting the flu, Covid-19, or RSV. You can also offer to video chat with anyone that is sick so that they can still visit with your senior parent but they can do so safely from a distance. You can also ask them to wear a mask if they really want to visit in person. 

Practice Social Distancing

It’s always a good idea to have friends and family practice social distancing around a senior parent, especially if they have just flown in from another part of the country. Maintaining a distance of six feet can significantly lower the risk of your senior parent getting the flu or another illness.  

Practice Environmental Hygiene

In addition to personal hygiene, visitors should be mindful of the environment in which seniors live. A home care assistance provider can wipe down commonly-touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls, with disinfectant wipes. The flu virus can survive on surfaces for a significant amount of time, so keeping these areas clean helps prevent the spread of the virus.

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Roy Kleinert