What Are Your Mom’s Goals After Retirement?

Goals After Retirement: Home Care Marlboro Township NJ
Goals After Retirement: Home Care Marlboro Township NJ

March 1st is Refired Not Retired Day, a day designed to get older adults excited about the things they dreamed of doing after retirement. What are your mom’s goals now that she’s retired? What support does she need to ensure they’re more than dreams?

Does She Have Favorite Hobbies?

When she was younger, did your mom have any hobbies? Would she want to get back into those hobbies or try something new in retirement? Take her to a hobby and craft store and see what appeals to her.

Invest in the basics for her to try a new hobby. If it’s a good fit, you can help her purchase all of the items she needs to keep going. If she doesn’t like it, she can try something else. For example, she’s always wanted to paint. Get one of the paint-by-number kits aimed at adults and see what she thinks. If she loves it, you could buy her some canvases, a palette, and a full set of oil or acrylic paints.

Where Does She Plan to Live After Retirement?

Has your mom always planned to remain in her current home after retirement or has she been thinking about moving to a warmer climate? Does she want to be closer to her grandchildren? If a move has been on her mind, take the time to talk about where she’d want to go. You’ll want to discuss if she wants a single-family home or condo setting.

If your mom is interested in a condo or townhouse, she might find it easier due to the services like property maintenance. She might want to be in a secure condo building where the doors are locked after hours. Find out what most appeals to her.

Has She Always Wanted to Travel?

Has your mom’s dream been to travel after retirement? If so, you could join her on a cruise where she has everything she needs in one setting. You can explore different countries or islands, but make it a point to save up now.

If mobility is limited, a cruise can be a good option as the rooms and layouts are ADA-compliant and easily fit her needs. From there, you can plan onshore activities that suit her tastes.

Can She Still Drive?

Is your mom still able to drive? As you get older, your eyesight changes. There may come a time that she’s unable to drive due to common eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or cataracts. What happens then?

Many older adults fear that the loss of the ability to drive will force them to stay at home and never go out. Make sure she knows that handing over her keys doesn’t mean she needs to stay home and become isolated.

Home care services help your mom with things like transportation and companionship. She’ll be able to check off all of the activities on her list without having to do them on her own. Call a home care agency to learn more about companionship services.

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Roy Kleinert