Senior Citizens and Spring Tips for Better Health

Home Care Services Marlboro Township, NJ: Better Health Tips
Home Care Services Marlboro Township, NJ: Better Health Tips

Your elderly loved one may receive health tips from people all year long – lose weight, eat better, exercise, etc. However, it may be fun to help them focus on improving their overall health this spring by offering them some spring tips for greater health. These tips can be fun for everyone. Even you and the home care assistance providers can get involved in these tips with your elderly loved one. 

Eating Seasonal Foods

One of the spring tips for better health is to eat more seasonal foods. Some of the options might be:

  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Bananas
  • Avocados
  • Apples

Kale and apples are two of the best spring vegetables and fruits for senior citizens. There are many different types of apples that your elderly loved one can try to eat, as well. You or home care providers can make many desserts or treats such as apple pie or apple chips, too. 

Outdoor Exercise

You or home care assistance providers can encourage your elderly loved one to exercise outdoors, too. This can be beneficial for your elderly loved one in numerous ways including:

  • Allowing them to get fresh air
  • Expanding their comfortability with exercise
  • Exercising in a different area each day
  • Doing park-based exercises 
  • Going on trails

These are some of the numerous benefits of outdoor exercise for the elderly. They can do active exercise or even seated exercise on their porch. They can go to a park, to a trail, or anywhere else outdoors. 

Being Mindful and Aware of Allergies

Does your elderly loved one have allergies or asthma? If this is the case, it is important for you and the home care providers to be mindful of your elderly loved one’s allergy or asthma triggers. Once you know what these triggers are, you can help your elderly loved one to avoid them. 

Getting Plenty of Sleep 

Another tip for improving your elderly loved one’s health this spring is for them to get plenty of sleep. Senior citizens need between 7 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Their bodies need just as much, if not a bit more than younger adults, as they get tired easier. The exact amount that your elderly loved one needs can vary depending on whether they take daily naps or a nap on any given day. 


This spring it would be a good idea if you and home care assistance providers could help your elderly loved one to focus on their health. There are numerous aspects of their health that you can help them with such as sleeping, eating, exercise, weight loss, and more. It would be helpful to focus on one change at a time. Once your elderly loved one can develop one healthier habit and stick to it for a bit, then, you or the elder care provider can work with them on developing another habit. If needed, you or a home care assistance provider can even do the habit with your elderly loved one. 

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