How Seniors Aging In Place Can Handle Weather Emergencies

Home Care Services Holmdel Township, NJ: Weather Emergencies
Home Care Services Holmdel Township, NJ: Weather Emergencies

If it seems like the weather has been getting more extreme that’s because it has. Over the past few years natural disasters are becoming more intense and the number of destructive storms, fires, and other events is increasing all over the country. Seniors who want to stay in their homes as they get older need to take steps to be prepared for extreme weather because chances are they are going to experience more bad weather than they have in the past. Preparation is the best defense against extreme weather. Use these tips to help your senior loved one get ready for potentially severe weather:

Get Home Care Assistance

If you can’t be with your senior loved one during the day home care assistance is a good way to make sure that your senior loved one isn’t alone during a weather emergency. A care provider can make sure that your senior loved one gets to a safe place within the home and can help get the house ready to withstand any storms. 

Get A Solar Cell Phone Charger

Your senior loved one will need to have some way to contact you or summon emergency services if the power goes out. And if the power is out their land line may not work. If your senior loved one uses an Internet based phone line through a cable provider that will not work if the power is out. And if your senior loved one uses a cell phone they will need a way to keep the cell phone charged if the power is out for a long time. Get a high quality solar cell phone charger and keep it in an emergency bag so your senior loved one has it to charge their phone. 

Pack An Emergency Bag

You should pack an emergency bag for your senior loved one that has enough stuff in it for at least three days. If they need to evacuate your senior loved one to a shelter or hotel you may not have time to get there and pack a bag for them so make sure there is one ready to go. Put in a few changes of clothes, some pajamas, plenty of clean socks and underwear, and any special items they need like incontinence pads or adaptive devices to help them get dressed. You should also include travel sized toiletries, some water, protein shakes, and snacks. If they require daily medication you should include several days worth of those medications as well. 

Don’t Forget About Pets

If your senior loved one has a pet the pet will need their own emergency bag with food, bowls, water, bedding, and all of their medical records including their vaccination records. You may need to show proof of their vaccinations in order to take them to a shelter or a boarding facility. Include some of their toys also so they won’t get bored. Make sure the pet’s collar has a tag with your phone number on it in case they get lost.

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