Senior Care Marlboro Township, NJ: Support Teams
Senior Care Marlboro Township, NJ: Support Teams

Are you the main caregiver for your elderly loved one? If so, you may feel like things are getting complicated. It might seem like everything is falling on your shoulders when it comes to your loved one’s care. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, once you build a support team for your elderly loved one, there can be others who help with their care. For instance, you can get help from family members, friends, doctors, neighbors, senior care providers, and others. If you build a support team for your elderly loved one, there are also tips that can help you to keep everyone updated. When everyone stays updated, your elderly loved one is able to get the best care possible.  

Writing Down Notes 

It would be helpful to have a journal or a notebook where everyone can write down notes. For instance, if a senior care provider is responsible for your elderly loved one’s care on Mondays and Tuesdays, they can write any concerns or notes they have about your elderly loved one during those days. This way, whoever is responsible for your loved one’s care on Wednesday can read those notes. They will know if things need to be changed with your loved one’s care from that point forward.  

Tracking Little Details 

When looking at the big picture, you might not think that the little details mean much at all. However, these little details in your elderly loved one’s life can make all the difference. For instance, if your elderly loved one forgot where they put the house keys last weekend, you might not think much of it. If they forgot where they put a certain bill that came in the mail during the week, this could mean their memory loss is getting more consistent. It might signify a neurodegenerative disorder. Without these little details, this diagnosis could be missed. 

Taking Videos and Photos 

Did your elderly loved one have a fall? If so, taking videos and photos can help the entire support team to stay updated. For instance, if there are bruises on your elderly loved one, photos can help to show how long those take to heal. If your elderly loved one is taking a long time to heal, this could signify a health condition. In addition, if your elderly loved one has a neurodegenerative condition, videos can help the others in the support team to know what is going on in any given day. The person who is caring for your elderly loved one next can see if there are more changes they need to know about.  


These are some of the tips for keeping your elderly loved one’s support team updated. If you are currently handling everything on your own or if things have been chaotic with a support team, there are ways to improve the plan. With a support team that stays updated on everything, your elderly loved one is able to get better care. All members of the support team will have an easier time helping out, as well.  

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