Caregiver of the Quarter (Q4)

Our Caregiver of the Quarter Program recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of a caregiver working towards the goals and overall mission of Lares Home Care.

This quarter we congratulate Kobby B. and Regina A., who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to provide care for our clients.

Lares Home Care Congratulates:
Kobby has been an incredibly caring, knowledgeable, and kind caregiver since starting with our agency last year. Kobby maintains stellar communication with the rest of the team. He also handles any challenge effortlessly. He has consistently shown us what it was to be a great home health aide.

Kobby has been with his current client since beginning at Lares and continues to meet an exceptional standard of care. Kobby consistently keeps his client happy, safe, and active Congratulations, Kobby! We are so grateful to have you on the Lares team!

Regina A.:
Regina has been a Home Health Aide since 2016 and has been with Lares Home Care for almost a year. She is an incredibly reliable and trustworthy aide. Her compassion radiates onto her clients and their family members as well. We can always count on Regina to provide excellent care to her clients. Thank you for being a great example to our whole team. Congratulations, Regina!!! You are an asset to the Lares team.

Roy Kleinert