Our Caregiver of the Quarter Program recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of a caregiver working towards Lares Home Care’s goals and overall mission.

This quarter we congratulate Virgilia F. and Bercy N., who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to provide care for our clients.

Virgilia F. – Hourly Caregiver of the Quarter:

When asked about her clients, Virgilia always answers with a smile – a sure sign that she is happy with her job as an hourly Caregiver for Lares Home Care. Virgilia is a true gem – she loves giving of herself to her clients. She is extremely conscientious, caring and loyal. She is there not only for her client’s daily physical needs, but for their emotional needs as well. Virgilia puts all her time and effort into making sure her clients are happy and that their families are well informed of any changes to their plans of care.  She keeps her clients mentally stimulated and physically active. Virgilia has a special touch with all those she comes in contact with.  She says, “I like my job very much, the office staff and my clients. At the end of my shift, I never feel tired from my job. Working with nice staff and Clients makes such a difference”.

Congratulations to Virgilia!

Bercy N. – Live-in Caregiver of the Quarter:

Bercy says she likes everything about her job. “If you are able to gain a client’s trust, respect and acceptance, then it is easy to take care of them. Once you learn about the client’s wants and needs, and those wants and needs are met, the rest is easy”. Bercy makes seamless transitions with her clients. Once on a case, she commits to a client long term. She has an understanding of her clients and quickly forms a bond with them.   Bercy makes sure to provide a safe and comfortable space for her client. She prides herself on the one-on-one attention she provides and she informs the office immediately if she suspects a change in her client’s physical or mental state. Bercy is a dedicated and dependable Caregiver.  She is observant and proactive. The health and safety of her client is her number one priority. She shows her professionalism and compassion when interacting with her Clients and their families. 

Congratulations to Bercy!